Monday, March 24, 2014

The quit show was uhhhmazing!!... So glad I went. I have plenty of pics over at my facebook page... you can head over there to see em.. I will gladly accept new friend requests... Its my personal facebook page... so excuse the I can also just post them over here to. Anyways I saw some delicious fabrics.. a few I am going to get and a few I wish I could get. I am starting a new project today... possibly two new projects today. I want to get this blog worked on and do some housework today. I have been over at Leah Days blog... she is so awesome... love love love Ms Day... so inspiring... I grabed one of her buttons on the side here.. She is the free motion quilting project... and the other button is from mommy by day crafter by night... Ms Ashley... some awesome stuff there to.
We went up to Picatune Mississippi for some poking around and saw all kinds of cool stuff that had been painted with the chalk or milk paints.. I havent quiet figured out the difference between the two.. but I have a project coming up soon that will having me diving into it hands on.. thats coming this week to... so a busy week here... GET READY FOR SOME COLOR AND CRAFTY!!.... WOOOO HOOOO

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