Saturday, May 3, 2014

I have been thinking that using my tablet to post things on Facebook and here on blogger would be easier... Its not... It is convenient ... Sometimes but other times not so much... Anyhow... I don't know if I posted the pics of the pinwheel blocks that I was playing with here or on Facebook but here's a link to my
Feel free to poke around.. It is my personal page but I don't have anything to Anyhow.. A friend of ours was just recently diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, some sort of spot on his brain and he had a seizure.. Well actually he is continuing to suffer with seizures. His name is Barry... And I can't imagine what he is feeling... My heart is breaking for his wife..
So oh yes.. The pinwheels... I made the pinwheels in red, white and blue.. With plain white sashing around them.. Before I knew saying was  I made the blocks and then couldn't come up with anything else.. But they really don't need anything else.. They are so awesome.. I just love them.. And now they are going to have a home.. Our friend served in Vietnam and he is proud of his military service and he should be.. I want him to know how much it is appreciated and how much we love him. I want to honor him in some small way... A way he can touch, see and feel.
Its just so amazing what a quilt can do... The feels they carry... The love that they give and show. I just love quilting from so many different aspects.

Hopefully I can have the border done and it basted and maybe even some fmq done on it today....wooo book.... I can't wait to give it to him.

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